They would wait…

They would wait until 4.20 ...
Origin of 420 In reality,420 arose in 1971 when a group of school friends set off in San Rafael,California, to look for abandoned guerrilla cultivation.The plan to meet each other after 16.20 at Louis Pasteur's statue,she gave the abbreviation "420 Louis".Since hunting took days, they dropped "Louis" and "420",depending on context and inflection,became a linguistic Swiss knife for everything related to cannabis.The Waldos, as the group called themselves,with reference to a wall they liked to have,never found the crops. That (and their name) could very wellhave been the result of the many cannabis smoking that accompaniedtheir search.The term spread among another, much larger group,which were also known for their enthusiastic cannabis use,the Deadheads. A family relationship through one of the Waldoswith the Grateful Dead ensured that the new jargon spread amongthe band and their fans, who had a tradition of gathering for concertsin large parking lots.During one of these meetings, one of the Deadheads gave afolder that referred to 420 to a reporter from theAmerican cannabis magazine HighTimes, Steve Bloom.

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